Vision Statement

Casa Hope Inc. endeavors to set the standard of a true Godly Perspective of reality. The world calls for multiple considerations to compromise in order to seek conciliation and to change behavior and habits. There is only one standard of reconciliation and , which is through Jesus Christ . Therefore, by the renewing of the mind, with the help of Christian counseling, Bible study, and coupled with retraining in life and job skills, one can walk in true righteousness, holiness, and health. 

Mission Statement

Casa Hope Inc. of Florida endeavors to bring wholeness and healing to equip current and subsequent generations to live their lives in abundance according to the Biblical principles set forth in the Holy Bible. Our ministry participants will be equipped in the knowledge of our Lord as well as life skills to integrate fully back into their community and local church.

Furthermore, Casa Hope, Inc. exist to:

Serve & Edify

Serve the incarcerated because of their previous criminal lifestyle, that has confined them to a prison facility. Encourage, teach, mentor, and empower transitional inmates who are striving to recover from life controlling problems.


Design a program approach geared toward the mental and spiritual needs of men facing emotional turmoil and pain. Provide quality ministry and resources to encourage and equip people to reclaim their lives.


Providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to recovery for each person, including the mental, emotional and most importantly the spiritual aspects of their lives. Restoring them into productive and healthy members of society, to their families and communities. We provide personal, social, and leadership development in every segment, in order to achieve a sharing and caring environment.


Increase return on each dollar invested towards moving people from dependence to self sufficiency Increase the number of ex-offenders who positively contribute to their community beyond addiction.

We are a supervised, non-profit, faith-based Discipleship/recovery program that helps men and women to transition back into society after poor life choices, chemical dependency, and/or incarceration.

Our program consists of a one-year commitment with the option of continuing in an additional re-entry phase on one of our campuses with assistance. We are happy to help those who desire to make these changes in their lives to find a brighter future.

-Biblical & Spiritual Development 

-Educational Advancement

– Job Skill Training

-Community Service

-Pastoral Counseling

-Decision Making

Bishop Samuel

After years of ministry, Bishop Samuel  was led to read Zechariah 9:12. The phrase, “Prisoners of Hope” caught his attention and he was impressed with an urgency to take God’s Presence, His Word, and His Power to the Prison system and community. Upon the Lord’s direction, he founded Casa Hope, Inc. and Prisoners of Hope, Intl. after recruiting and training a ministry team. They began reaching out to the incarcerated population in Florida and those who have made poor life choices. Together, the team opened a transition home for men, based on the Seven Pillars of Ministry.

Meet the Staff at Casa Hope


Mel's Home Site Director

Pastor Pedro is a graduate from the program and has been serving at Casa Hope for 7 years. He serves as the site director at Mel's Home, where he allows the will of God to teach him how to empower men to receive freedom from their past.


Counseling Dean

Pat is a meat manager and retired chaplain from Olympia Union Gospel Mission. His counselor training was completed through Genesis Relapse Training. Pat was then ordained in 2002 at Lacey Assembly of God for International Ministerial Fellowship. He and his wife co-pastored a church in Olympia, WA. Pat serves as the counseling dean at Casa Hope Inc.


Academic Dean

Vikki is a retired occupational therapist with additional education and a PhD in Naturology. She is a graduate from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vikki is ordained through Marie Brown Ministries and has traveled abroad multiple time to preach and teach the Gospel. She and her husband co-pastored a church in Olympia, WA. She serves on staff at Casa Hope Inc. as the academic dean.


Ana's Home Site Director

Doris is an addictions counselor, and former elementary teacher. She has been completely transformed by the healing power of Jesus, where He brought her out of addiction and self-reliance. Her desire is help restore hope to women who are in need of the same saving grace that God gave her. Doris serves as the site director at Ana's Home.

Casa Hope's House Leadership


Jason heard about Casa Hope from his fellow inmate at the time. He interviewed with Bishop and then took a bus from Gainesville to the program. Over the past year God has united him, after 37 years, with his family and his son. Casa Hope has ministered to him the importance of family while at the program and now he gets to witness God putting his natural family back together as well. Jason serves as one of the house leaders and shift supervisor after completing the program.


Henry was born and raised in Paterson, NJ. Coming from a broken and abusive home, Henry felt rejected from society and found comfort with life on the streets and harmful habits that are associated with that lifestyle. Henry had an encountered with God and began to serve but still struggled to find true forgiveness and identity in Christ. After reaching a dark place in his life Henry contacted Bishop Sam and Pastor Pedro. He has been at Casa Hope for restoration, where he acknowledges that he is nothing without God, his Lord and savior. Henry is a part of the leadership team at Casa Hope helping in multiple areas at Mel's Home

Biblical Foundation


By promoting a refreshed outlook in life according to God, one will be able to get to the core of those wounds and hurts that drive rebellious, destructive behaviors. This helps retrain the residents to think in Godly and right ways. It sets the organization apart from others, and is the goal for the residents at Casa Hope Inc.’s program.  The “new self” that emerges in the residents incorporates the original plan of God for man as set forth in Genesis 1:27.

God also has a plan to restore man. After Jesus’ atoning work, “He gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for the building up the Body of Christ” (Eph. 4:11-12). “So that we may no longer be children tossed to and fro by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.  Rather, speaking truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ” (Eph. 4:14-15).

Casa Hope Inc. is located initially in Florida. We desire to see this vision established and fulfilled throughout the United States. It is modeled after the world renowned 55 years old organization, Teen Challenge, founded by the late Rev. David Wilkerson.