Rev. Ana Martinez, the inspiration for Ana’s
Home, began her ministry with Teen Challenge in 1967, along with her husband, Bishop Emilio Martinez. Ana’s strong belief in II Corinthians 5:17affirmed that the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit would heal, restore, and give purpose to each student. 

They served for 17 years there and the ministry they were involved in was verified to have a 75% success rate. Her ministry continued to bear fruit over the years as she served in other places planting churches in Mexico and across the United States. Bishop Samuel is one of her spiritual sons and is founding Ana’s Home in her honor. 

Through the same tried and true principles used in founding the men’s home, Ana’s impact will continue to touch future generations.


During their stay at Ana's Home, eligible residents receive training in spiritual development, educational advancement, community service, ministry training, and decision-making.

Group Courses

The women are required to attend groups in Family Integrative Training, Anger Management, 12 Step Addiction Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Re-entry Vocational and Life Skills and more.


They will be included in  volunteer work therapy (in. 25 hours weekly) to learn responsibility and reliability while they build future employability and help to contribute to room and board costs, since we do not deny residents who enter our program without funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a supervised, non-profit, faith-based DISCIPLESHIP/RECOVERY PROGRAM that helps men and women to transition back into society after poor life choices, chemical dependency, and/or incarceration.

During their stay at Casa Hope, eligible residents receive training in spiritual development, educational advancement, community service, ministry training, and decision-making. After they successfully show dependability in the end phases of the program, they are given the opportunity to work and learn money management competency before transitioning to independent living

Our program consists of a one-year commitment with the option of continuing in an additional re-entry phase on one of our campuses with assistance. We are happy to help those who desire to make these changes in their lives to find a brighter future.

 Our program structure runs in phases. Staff will assess students as they move through various phases. An assessment meeting will follow each stage before graduation to the next. Each phase will be recognized publicly.

Areas of assessment include

1. spiritual progress.

2. academic attitude and effort.

3. work ethic and practice.

4. living in a culture of honor.

5. sincerity toward God and others.

6. cleanliness (personal and general)

7. morale and attitude,

8. willingness to be instructed and corrected.

9. willingness to humbly step-up when asked, and

10. Self-control.

We encourage that you read the full student handbook to understand all of the requirements, expectations, and rules set in placed at the ministry that must be upheld.

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