Casa Hope Trenton/Gainsville Property

After years of Ministry, Bishop Samuel was led to read Zechariah 9:12. The phrase, "Prisoners of Hope," caught his attention. He was impressed with an urgency to take God's presence, His word, and His power to the prison system and community. Upon the Lord's direction, he founded Casa Hope, Inc. anad Prisoners of Hope, Intl. After recruiting and training a ministry team. They began reaching out to the incarcerated population in Florida and those who have made life altering choices. Together the team opened up a transition home for men, based on The Seven Pillars of Ministry.

About the Property

Casa Hope Trenton has 2 homes being renovated and remodeled to provide a suitable living space for the future of our program. The property in Trenton will continue to operate as an expansion campus, as the need to save the lost and build God's Kingdom continues to be prevalent in our communities.

Our Vision

Casa Hope's Vision is to establish ministries that will equip participants in the knowledge of being restored in Christ. Through our ministries we also believe in discipleship, as we integrate life skills for participants to transition fully back into their community and local church.

Ways you can help

We are so grateful for your prayers and for everyone who have sown their skills and talents. There is still much to be done to the property, so we invite you to visit our partnership page for ways to sow into what God is preparing in the city of Trenton.

Seven Pillars of Ministy

ministry Leadership training
Penpal ministry
Inmate family Ministry
Re-entry homes